Online at Home Personal Training

Since the current crisis we have decided to publish information about At Home Online Personal Training.

Alexercise already has a number of clients that workout at home with personalised workout and nutrition plans.

The corona virus is affecting everybody and at Alexercise I want to make sure you’re still working out at home and keeping your fitness at a good level.

Personal Training Radcliffe Bury

Based on the equipment you already own and the goals that you want to set, we can come up with a plan to workout when and how you want, with a diet and nutrition plan to run alongside it.

Regular check ins will be essential to keeping on top of your goals, we can speak via the phone or online whichever suits you the most. Alexercise is committed to clients progress and fitness, whether that be in a gym or in the safety of your own home.

Personal Training Radcliffe Bury

Please fill in the form below, once I have received the information I will put together a personalised workout plan to adhere to your equipment and goals, I will check in with you after each workout and always be available to you on the phone should you need any support.

Your diet and nutrition plan will be created depending on your goals, offering a fully personalised plan and options for you eat and train at home

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