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Personal Training Bury, Whitefield, Manchester

Online Personal Training

Alexercise already has a number of clients that workout at home with personalised workout and nutrition plans.

Based on the equipment you already own and the goals that you want to set, we can come up with a plan to workout when and how you want, with a diet and nutrition plan to run alongside it.

Personal Training Radcliffe Bury


The prices for Personal Training with Alexercise are competitive, with different packs and prices to suit you, you can be assured that you wont be out of pocket, the results you will see are worth every penny.

Personal Training Radcliffe Bury

The Gym

Alexercise operates in a well equipped gym, consisting of everything you need to get the best out of a workout. The gym is open 7 days a week and sessions can be booked to suit you, it is not an overly crowded gym so you can be assured that you will feel at ease.

Personal Training Radcliffe Bury

Weight Loss

A wide range of factors affect a person’s ability to lose body fat. Through careful assessment of sleeping patterns, stress management, lifestyle choices, hormonal profiling, tailored nutrition and scientific training Alexercise maximises the ability to promote fat loss.

Personal Training Radcliffe Bury

Diet & Nutrition

If you wish to reach your fitness goals in the quickest possible time then optimising your diet and nutrition is essential. Alexercise will analyse your diet and provide you with a unique personalised eating plan specific to your bodies needs and your goals.

Personal Training Radcliffe Bury

Muscle Building

Through careful assessment, you can be assured that you can meet your goals with Alexercise. You will be trained with a bespoke programme tailored to you. Alexercise aims to create a maximal amount of tissue breakdown during the session.

Personal Training Radcliffe Bury


Toning and Sculpting plans with Alexercise combines specific nutritional diet plans with tailored workout plans to suit you, in turn this will progressively reduce your body fat percentages whilst maintaining the muscle tissue that you want.

Personal Training Radcliffe Bury


Alexercise uses cardio training in relevance to your goals. Cardio can often be overlooked in the increasing world of strength and conditioning training, but also spending hours on a treadmill no longer holds much merits anymore.

Personal Training Radcliffe Bury


Alexerise is fully trained and accredited with Active IQ Level 2 & 3 Personal Training, along with a vast experience of knowledge, you can be assured that training with Alexercise will give you the best, most professional training programme.


Alex is a very knowledgeable and committed PT, he customises a personal plan/diet for you to achieve your health/fitness goals and is flexible and very patient and always on hand to help you and offer advise,I can not recommend him enough and personally within 10 weeks I have lost 24lbs and feel great!

Mark GBury

Alex has made a big difference to my training, improving my technique and helping me gain extra muscle mass. He's very down to earth, patient and focussed - would highly recommend him to others, from beginners to more experienced gym goers such as myself

Matt CullRadcliffe

I have been training with Alex for around 6 weeks and I can already see a massive improvement to my health and endurance when I am exercising. The sessions are always fun and challenging. Alex is very nice and down to earth and has a lot of knowledge about training. He is very committed to helping you achieve your goals, highly recommend!!

Lucy DawsonBury

I've been training with Alexercise for just over 8 months. He's an excellent personal trainer - patient and knowledgeable. I would recommend anyone who wants to improve their fitness to see him.

Richard DandyRadcliffe

Alex is a brilliant Trainer, I have gained a lot of strength in my body through his training sessions.
Its important to maintain strength and flexibility as you get older and I have certainly done that through Alex’s patience and encouragement, highly recommend him.

Valerie SergeantManchester

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